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A Story From the Past — Jordan

January 18, 2015


I am alone in the sleeplessness and agitation of the darkness of the Montana night. The girls are asleep in their beds seemingly, unaffected by the changes of the last twenty-four hours. The silence of the house penetrates my whole self. I have left you so far behind. Our visit was way too short this time. When will I be able to get back? My heart aches with missing you and my body feels broken to pieces. I am yearning to know you so much better. Please, let me in. Who do you hold near? Am I of your people? Who are you and who am I?

Is my anguish merely jet lag? A ten-hour time change always leads to sleepless nights, right? The body aches must just be from exhaustion. The tightness in my heart flagging the imminent onslaught of our western stresses?   I left your red sand and poetic sandstone walls only yesterday.   The blue-green domed mosques and stripes of your country’s flags now only images in my memory.   Continue Reading…