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May 26, 2015

Hello Friends,

Quick update. I write from Paris where we have been enjoying the sights and fabulous French food since Saturday. Alex and Layla will head back to the U.S. on Thursday, May 28th. Anna and I will be flying back to Arusha, Tanzania the same day.  Anna and I are returning to work with children at Plaster House. Please check it out. We will be back in Bozeman, Montana on July 5, 2015.

ALAS!! — the latest round of Serengeti photos are up in the Gallery.  Access them at

We had the time of our lives with our incredibly knowledgeable and now great friend Max Isaya. This photo essay takes you through a day in the life on safari with Max. We also made a new friend in Emanuel Melubo who is featured in some of the photos. He is of the Maasai tribe and co-owner of Sidai Designs with Eszter Rabin. They have created a non-profit benefitting urban Maasai women. Please check out Eszter’s stunning, beaded jewelry designs available at boutiques and museum shops around the U.S.  All of the beading is done by Maasai women.

Tutaonana tena!  Until we see each other again.


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